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The unusual art of making something old, new again.


Restoration of time past statuary has been a specialty at our shop for over 30 years. From as small as a nativity set to life-size statues, including Stations of the Cross. Skilled craftsmen at our shop take great pride in repairing plaster, fiberglass, concrete and wood statues. The statues are painted by an airbrush artist and are often embellished with the lost art of 22k gold leafing. Many of the statues are very old and in extremely poor shape. There are very few statues that cannot be repaired to their original condition.



The statues shown here are quite old. It would be very expensive to replace these. Refurbishing is a better choice. It is less expensive, and usually the statues have been part of the Church from the beginning and people would rather see them restored rather than replaced.

When the statues come in we usually clean them to get all the grime off, we then sand and patch all the cracks or repair items that are broken off. We then prime them. Paint with an airbrush; apply 22-carat gold leaf.

Nativity scenes that the Churches' display at Christmas time are a very popular item to have refurbished. They look just like new when they leave here and we have never had a complaint from an unsatisfied customer.




  One of our most challenging items we refurbished was a concrete cemetery statue with three figures plus Jesus on the Cross, which is pictured. We traveled to St. Celestine, IN for this experience.

We accepted this job in the fall and with the weather being so damp, especially in the mornings we had to figure a way to keep the statue as dry as possible. We built a tent around the statue and heated the inside with a propane gas heater. The tent was open around the sides for ventilation. We assembled scaffolding and proceeded to do the job. The job took about one week from start to finish. Our customer was more than satisfied with the finished product.

We take great pride in our accomplishments and get a greater satisfaction in taking a figure that looks far beyond repair and turning it into a cherished piece of art.  


The pictures above are actual links to other sections of our webpage that illustrate the work that is done in refurbishing statues. If you look closely you can see the immense change in appearance of these statues. Some come to us with nicks and scratches that sometimes come with aging. Others come to us with an extreme need of restoration from age and weathering. All you have to do is click on either picture.


St. Patrick Church, Louisville KY



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